There are many garden design styles… we’ll create a style to suit you, your space and your budget!

Choose a simple low maintenance / all-year interest garden design or choose a style or theme for your garden:

  • Wildlife Garden
  • Contemporary / Modern
  • Woodland Shaded
  • Courtyard Garden
  • Sloping & Terraced Garden
  • Japanese, Colonial, Moroccan
  • Tropical Garden
  • Patio / Containerised Garden
  • Herb / Kitchen Garden
  • Cottage ‘Old English’
  • Formal Hedged, Topiarised / Parterred Garden
  • Prairie Grasses / Gravel
  • Vegetable & Fruit Garden
  • Organic & Self-Sufficient
  • Pond, Bog & Water Feature
  • Sensory /Scented With Strong Fragrances
  • Seasonal Interest
  • Colour Themed
  • Hot Dry  Mediterranean / Desert
  • Hot Dry River Bed
  • Garden With Disabled Access

Think about what you want from your garden…

  • a garden of low maintenance & all-year interest?
  • a styled outdoor room designed in harmony with your house and the surrounding natural environment?
  • a garden for socializing and relaxing with friends & family?
  • an exciting garden with hidden features and focal points -seating, water features, pergolas, gazebos, arbors, decking, pathways, statues, rock & sculpture?
  • a garden maximising natural light or incorporating artificial light for after-dark illumination?
  • a beautifully shaped, healthy lawn, flowing through herbaceous borders?

Are you…

  • working on a tight budget?
  • troubled with dry shade, damp shade or poor soil?
  • overlooked and want more privacy by screening unsightly buildings and views?
  • unsure of the correct plants for the right space?
  • in need of a safe garden for children to play and explore?
  • unsure how to prune and cut back existing plants?
  • troubled by lawn or pond care problems?
  • troubled by persistent perennial weeds?
  • troubled by garden pests and disease?
  • unsure how to maximize the use of existing trees, shrubs and hedges?

Whatever you need, contact us for a FREE no obligation consultation on 07986 935683 or enquire here and we’ll contact you.

We offer

• Re-designs to suit your budget & timescale
• Free consultation and advice
• Full free Survey & Current Site Analysis
• Full annotated Planting Plans, options & scaled drawings available on request
• Full portfolio and references on request
• Regular maintenance programs to suit your space and budget…